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Great work as always. Cant get enough of this theme. I'm very glad to see this posted here. You havent forgotten old NG! Cheers David.

wonderful. That 3D window must have been a pain to create! I hope you come up with more of these babies~

deathink responds:

Thanks man, I might make another one sometime.

Amazing animation and color. Was this a thesis project?

Jason-H responds:

No I did it in my spare time outside of work. I've been trying to figure out toonshading for the past year or so.

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Increasingly relevant. Thank you for this.


It was pretty fun, maybe a bit short. and that luis at the UFO thing with his missiles was really annoying. the idea of stacking the cubes was clevurrrr. congratulations :)

Amazing! ...and creepy.

Not only that, but the art was nice and went quite well with the music, it all gave the game the creepy ambience you wanted to achieve. Also, kudos for the intro, verrrrry well made. The game mechanic was something i had seen before, but not this well executed! Seems like you guys used alot of masks and stuff here. The level design was good even if the lack of stuff to see (or color) was a bit annoying, even it was meant to be like that. The puzzles remind me of Braid or Portal, mainly because i get that OMG I TOTALLY SOLVED THIS IM SO SMART feeling i got with these games :)

Anyways, EXCELLENT job here :D

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Heh there was no masking used at all in the game, besides for one art asset on level 26

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This song pumps me up! This sounds like Wisp on cocaine. Good job!

Nice album art ;)

DESHIEL responds:

I like it too ;)


I love this, its really good, and happy. i love happy music. very much yes. great work :D

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How do you turn anti aliasing off?

14hourlunchbreak responds:

In the properties panel on the right side of blender under the "render" tab, (should be there by default) beneath the dimensions, there should be an anti-aliasing checkbox. just check it off and you'll get ya nice jagged edges.

I love lo ve l o v e this

Dude, yes! animated content is the future, keep it up!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Lalo! I wasn't completely aware of the possibilities, but there's really a lot to explore with this kind of 'mixed-media'!

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