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5 Second Animation Day! & Sheep!

2015-02-13 18:15:32 by Lalo

Keep your sheep coming! The file is already assembled and the music is being done by @ZStriefel

















Also, 5 Second Animation Day is happening @Titmouse!


Sleep is for the weak. See you all Tuesday!!


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2015-02-13 22:21:47

Hey, I sent you two rendered videos of my second sheep that I made in After Effects. Since you're putting it together in After Effects, would you rather me just send my After Effects file (and the two sound clips I used)? However, I'm using the latest Creative Cloud version, so if you're using an earlier version, I'm not sure that'd work.
Anyway, I'm glad to see this all coming together, and I'm excited for the release. Thanks again!


2015-02-19 14:24:42

Enjoyed the final results of this collab. It was fun to see what everyone came up with. Just noticed you thou you spelt my user name wrong. :(
Oh well you planning to link the users to the project? Anyhow look forwards to more collab projects.


2015-02-21 06:11:19

I'm surprised you didn't add all the participants to the Newgrounds' animation credits during the submit, keeping those 4 cents of revenue yourself eh? ;o I kid, I kid

Lalo responds:

Im giving 10 of the 20 cents to the musician. The other 10 go to orphans


2017-03-26 09:45:21

why the fuck was Awesome's School taken down by the NG mods? :( Was it cos you used like 3 seconds of that song in the middle of the cartoon?

Lalo responds:

woah good to know. had no idea.


2017-03-29 17:20:13

well, at least it's still on YouTube/bootlegged on other flash sites