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Sheep Collab!

2014-08-17 11:50:30 by Lalo


Updated post on the collab: There's a lot of people coming up with their sheep! Sjiht, for example, is keeping updates on his progress in his userpage!

DEADLINE: November 2nd

Here's the BBS thread ----> JOIN! 

Gist of it: We make our own sheep jumping the fence, and put them all together in a video with music, or a game, or an app. We will have the most beautiful compilation of sheeps on the internet. The viewer's role is obviously to count them until they get sleepy. Our role is to animate them until we DIE.

Seriously though, this is a great chance to freshen up your animation skills: walking cycles, anticipation, all that jazz, and to have fun!



  • Make a sheep, or a something in sheep costume, or something that resembles a sheep, and creatively move it from one side of the provided stage to the other.
  • the (provided) background, you can download it down here in RESOURCES.
  • If you use a program other than flash (you are more than welcome to do so) just export the animation of the sheep itself, without the provided stage/background, with a transparent background. Screen ratio is 16:9, framerate is 24fps.
  • UPLOAD the .fla file to Dumping Grounds (give it a name like "YourUsername_Sheep.FLA") and send it over PM to me!


  • Gravity points down.
  • Sheep can come in more than one piece, and in solid, liquid and gaseous forms.
  • Sheep can be bipedal.
  • No change of shots or zoom in or any camera movements. You can add something like a thought bubble or a tooltip (like Smash Bros) if you want to show off-screen characters or dreams or whatever sheep have going on in their minds.
  • If you use props (like a wheelchair) clean up after yourself! Take them off the stage one way or another, or talk to a friend and they can take them out of the stage in their piece :)


  •  Name your elements "USERNAME_nameofthing" and put them inside a folder in the flash library.
  • SOUND isnt necessary; if there is none in your animation, it will be dealt with in a later date. BUT if you can throw in a cool jumping and landing sound, it would definitely spice things up.



4-leg walk cycle reference.
CS4 version of the stage/background.
In case you dont have Flash, here's the image of the stage/background.
For inspiration/reference, here's a sheep I did. I'll figure out a way to clean up. Promise.

Let your creative juices flow!



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2014-08-17 12:53:22

Can I join?

Lalo responds:

oh yes


2014-08-17 22:00:50

Looks fun!


2014-08-18 00:11:10

really clever stuff so far!!


2014-08-19 06:06:32

Ohhh how exciting! i'm up for it!


2014-08-19 07:40:53

Alright I'm in.


2014-08-19 08:22:20

can i join? :D

Lalo responds:



2014-08-19 09:18:06

Count me in, pretty please :3


2014-08-19 11:52:20

I'm all for this


2014-08-19 17:54:41

I'd love to animate again, this is good enough reason to start!


2014-08-19 20:54:50

Awe yea! I'm totally trying this out :)


2014-08-21 21:43:01



2014-10-22 10:49:31

do you guys need any sound work done?

Lalo responds:

Hey! I would love that! What could you do for the collab? music, or sound effects?


2014-10-27 01:23:34

I'd also love to contribute to sound! Sound effects of course, but also music and voices (or vocal effects) if you'd like any of that.


2014-11-02 14:19:01

This looks like fun.