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L.A. Pollution

2007-07-18 16:44:49 by Lalo

so while i was on the plane, i noticed how the sky was changin colors when landing in LA, it was a crazy change, the sky was starting to become brown the more we descended. at first i tought nah IT CANT BE... I asked someone about it and YES, IT WAS ALL SMOG,

its not so noticeable from the ground tho, it seemed normal.

anyways heres the pic, sorry for the low quality, the camera i use sucks :P

L.A. Pollution


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2007-07-18 16:50:11

OMg the end is near..seriusly we are not taking care or Earth..

(Updated ) Lalo responds:

yeah :C


2007-07-18 16:55:04

My god... I knew it was bad but... christ. And I thought New Jersey was bad.


2007-07-18 17:50:33

yo man, you're zwickel's friend :D

I'll make sure to say hi to you when i see ya at comic con


2007-07-19 12:25:08

Reminds me of Atlanta.


2008-04-12 15:44:57

you sir are to blame for that pollution, and .....

p.s. i hate you


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